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Great to work with!

Expressions Technologies

Mr. Hoening, Thank you for your understanding and compassion during the hardest time of my life. You have brought peace to my heart and life and have helped me deal with some difficult issues. You have went above and beyond your job as a funeral director. The love you have for your job, and helping people through the worse times in their lives shows daily. You are truly a man of God, and thank you for that. God Bless You.

Angel Myers & Family

I can't thank you enough for all you did for my mom and our family during our difficult time. Your kindness will never be forgotten. I believe God put you in the right place.

Matthilda Preble & Family

The compassion and support we received from all of you during our time of loss is deeply appreciated. You allowed us to truly capture all that was important to our dad and husband. There wasn't one thing that was overlooked. You and your staff made it possible for us to focus on his celebration of life. It is reassuring to know that families have a place like Hoening Funeral Home to depend on in time of need.
Greatest Thanks,

Joseph "Joe" Huff Family

So sorry to hear of Sara"s Death. My first Husband CURLY and I were good friends of SARA AND DON DOTSON. Not seen any of you boys and Janet till She made here self be known to who she was at a Garage sale I was at. Nice to see her. Would love to see you boys and Janet some time. You were little at that time. I know Mikes wife Karon. Take care your parents are with you always My condolance to all. MARILYN FISEL

Marilyn Eloise Emerine -Finsel