Making decisions in advance of need has become an American way of thinking. These decisions range from the common retirement plan to the making of funeral arrangements. With regard to funeral planning, these advanced decisions range from a simple agreement between husband and wife to a totally detailed and financed funeral plan. Furthermore, research has shown that greater than one million Americans will prearrange and prefund their funerals each year. This figure makes sense when you realize that most everyone will, some day in some way, be involved with funeral arrangements and expenses. The main reasons for preplanning, and ideally, pre-funding, are numerous. Generally speaking, the three main reasons are:


  • Preplanning relieves survivors of the emotional burden
  • Preplanning allows one to satisfy personal wishes
  • Preplanning/prefunding relieves survivors of the financial burden


More specifically, when one realizes that many, many decisions must be made within hours of a death, and a majority of these decisions can be easily made in advance, the practicality and logic of funeral planning makes perfect sense. Unfortunately for some, the death of a close friend or family member is what it takes to realize the need for preplanning.

We at the Hoening Family Funeral Homes don't want this to happen to any of our families. Consequently, we stand ready to assist and accommodate you in discussing the type of funeral services or alternatives you prefer.

When you preplan, you decide final arrangements today. You can specify where you want the services held, the disposition, the person in charge of final arrangements and who should be notified first, along with other important decisions.

If you are ready to begin the Advanced Funeral Planning process, give us a call at 419.435.8200, or fill in the form below:


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